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Yo living forever is what most strive...

Cause everyone can't be a Lakai...

Countless times you waist your time...

And you brush it off like its fine...

Like many you tend to lie...

And never question yourself why...

You could never look flaws in the eye...

Perfect vision but your still blind!

Your blind to the fact that life isn't just milk n cookies

You find the needle in the haystack, and don't wish to continue looking

You don't wish to figure out the nature of how things work

Your hesitant to gain when ever another's hurt

You don't even have the guts to say others are dirt

Self improvement repair all your quirks

Realize who first, an verse the verse of this curse!

Only do things to fulfill your purpose!

Delve deeper and don't give into what's on the surface!

Act like a god, and never be nervous!

To those you hate laugh and refuse to give them service!

Serves those serpent servants right

Circle the circle of the waist of lives

Syrups thicker then blood, but my blood is syrup like

Stir this up with a knife

Cold like liquor on the ice

When life give me lemons,…I make sprite

Come on let's put up a fight!

Battle all throughout the night!

Do not stop till your heart feel right!

Attack with all your might!

Until the skies light up bright!

Soar like the eagle that takes flight!

You have only one brain, so you should never have to think twice!

That’s right, yes that’s right, chef how I give the spice and a slice of life because life is just a gamble I hope you got your dice!

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What's a messiah if that bastard couldn't save shit


What is a god if he wasn't considered sacred


Oh I can tell you it's just another alias


What would dark be if it wasn't a radiant, light in existence stars falling moons closing in


Betrayals the climax, story of your closest friends


Ignoring morals, religion, normal life's what they call sins


Sign a contract with Satan; luckily I bring my own pen


I could tango with death and teach it some new moves


Dance with the devil and show him a new grove


Playing the game of life and I cannot not lose


I could even show security cams new views


Your paths are like Pokémon, careful which one you choose


Pay very close attention before you pay your dues

I am not the one to test, but You-Tube


I’m confused, this melancholy often deludes


The minds of mine and you, this rhyme divine and true


As I lie with you painted as a villain why decline a view


I ask you with all the colors in the world why am I always in the blues?


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eh dosent really matter

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